Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm such a Rebel!

I bought my first digital camera just over eighteen months ago, an Olympus C-160 to be exact. Such a basic little thing but nevertheless, it did the job. I landed up giving it to my mom as she has been wanting a digital camera for so long but can't afford one at the current time in her life. In the interim I've been making use of Warren's Sony and ever since moving to Cape Town, my interest in photography has grown.

The desire and curiosity has always been there but my life has never posed the opportunity to persue those desires - which would often lead me to many days/months/years of frustration and often tears of not being able to express myself in a particular medium that I felt was 'me'. My way of expression involves money, atleast for the tools needed, and I would often selfishly ask myself why I wasn't born into a rich family.

I remember I wanted a camera in primary school already. They had photography classes and so badly wanted to go but I didn't have a camera and there was no way my folks were going to get me one either - or pay for my classes.

I've waited a long time to finally get something that I wanted - and a good one at that - and for the first time this weekend I had the satisfaction of purchasing one of those things I've always wanted - a brand spanking new Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT.