Saturday, January 21, 2006

My little Linux penguins

So here I am on a Saturday morning.

I'm sitting here at work typing away while I hear my sweetheart breathing. We've had an awesome night out at Springbok with a R50 all you can drink special. We're too drunk to drive so instead we've eaten boerewors rolls and pies from the Engen and trudged upstairs to our work, because it's safe and warm. Wa is lying on the table and Vorn is on the floor. Both are asleep. Kinda makes me want to join them.

I'm a little drunk myself.

Friday, January 06, 2006

A year and a day

So yesterday Wa and I (kinda) celebrated a year of meeting one another on the site. This time last year we were exchanging our first few messages. I remember how excited we were.

It's just really weird to think that a whole year has passed since.

I don't believe in resolutions for this year. However, I have decided on a few things that have been more like dreams I wish to accomplish this year, one being to get back into art and to improve my musical abilities.

I trust everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. For those who I know who have been in car accidents during the festive season, I hope you make a quick recovery.