Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Love is what you make of it

So I’m not your average girl. I like video and PC games, rude jokes, drinking beer, cars, watching sport and yes… I like to look at other women. I’m sure I can burp better than a few guys I know too. But this doesn’t make me any less of a woman. I still like to shop, eat chocolate, watch soppy movies, get my nails and hair done and gossip with my friends about anything and everything.

Maybe it’s because I grew up with an older brother or maybe it’s just because I enjoy balance in my life. I like keeping up to date, but don’t let current trends over rule my instincts or let society override my individuality that lets me explore both sides.

On many occasions I’ve often been dragged into debates as to which is the better sex and I’ve never been able to say. Each side has some things better than the other. Like for example: I think men deal with physical fighting better than what women do. Men simply take it outside, or in the bar or wherever, bliksem the shit out of one another and the aftermath involves a handshake a drink and a possible friendship or mutual agreement. Women drag it on for days and spread rumours, plan revenge attacks on the other by replacing their shampoo with hair removal cream and what not. It’s insane and really unnecessary. Women on the other hand are better nurturers and caretakers and make a home organised and worth living in. Obviously there are always exceptions, as there always are.

My point though, is that I like to sit on the fence, and that I like being neutral and I don’t like taking sides.

My post is aimed at a recent question posed about being single.

There could be many reasons as to why you’re still single. You could be afraid of getting too involved too soon or there may be a fear of failure or maybe you’re too different. Maybe you’re just too demanding. A relationship is based on a ratio of 1:1 and a balance of 50/50 with the exception to balance potentially being 100/0, meaning all give and no take. Assuming the other person also doesn’t expect anything in return, the operative word here being “expect”. Love is not supposed to hurt. The easiest relationship you can have is to meet someone who is similar to you in as many ways as possible, with enough differences to keep each other keen and learning new things. Someone who gets the best of you, who makes you comfortable so that you come out your shell, someone who makes you feel sleepy with love, someone who you can talk to for ages without an awkward moment.

But do not toy with hearts, if you are not willing to let your heart be toyed with.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

15 Things I've learnt in Cape Town... so far

  1. Insects are super-sized.
  2. Tabasco sauce is half price.
  3. Alcohol is cheaper.
  4. Coloureds and Muslims are more prominet than black people. It's the opposite in Jozi.
  5. Like. Wooow! People like... don't really speak like they're from the mouuuuuntain and stuff!
  6. Car registration numbers are not as fun as those in Jozi.
  7. Suped up cars are a rare sight.
  8. Clubs seem more "go-to-be-seen" as opposed to "drink-to-get-drunk"
  9. The water really is that cold, but you get used to it if you stay in there long enough.
  10. The wind is hectic.
  11. There are more inter-racial relationships compared to Jozi.
  12. Some guys have smoother skin and healthier, longer nails than what I do.
  13. I still love the beach.
  14. Creative culture is encouraged.
  15. The city really is a pretty awesome place to be.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Book of note

I’m not so much of a reader. In fact, I’m not a reader at all. I don’t even know how I managed to get the “Best Reader” award when I was a kid; never mind how I passed my English Literature exams.

I never finished any of the novels we were given in school and I’m just grateful that most of the books were now readily available on video. Now I could cram over a hundred pages into an hour and a half, and not only that, but I had all my brother’s notes from previous years to answer all the questions (Does that syllabus ever change?)

On many occasions I would try pick up a book - and finish it, but I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t even half way through and I’d feel the ever familiar dark cloud of boredom come over me.

Until recently…

Now keeping in mind, I’ve only ever read one book, cover to cover. (Yes folks, only ONE! – It’s rather sad, I know)

But I’ve found another book that I simply can’t put down. It’s filled with murder and mystery, suspense, intrigue, cryptography, iconology, religion, art, architecture, conspiracy theories, mathematical principles and theories (yes, maths people!)

It’s so good. It’s definitely worthwhile giving “The Da Vinci Code”, from Dan Brown a read!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Nano-nano-nano-na no no no!!!

So maybe I’m ignorant and oblivious to this latest trend that has bowled so many people over with its quaint little features and trendy colours.

In my eyes it’s just a glorified, modernised and upgraded version of a walkman.

That’s it.

I mean really… When are you actually going to use an Ipod?

My brother and I had walkmans when we were kids and the only time we ever used them was when we went on holiday and were forced to endure one another’s company in the back seat of the car for an exceeded amount of time. Our parental units decided that it would keep us from fighting, at least until we got to our destination.

So why get an Ipod?

You can’t listen to it in the car.
You can’t listen to it at work.
If you’re home alone, it’s silly using it because you might as well crank the valuum up on the hi-fi.

The only place you can sort of use it, is at the beach, which Jozi lacks and from what I’ve seen, is just a trendy and fashionable beach accessory in Cape Town. I guess you can use it at the gym but that’s just another trendy reason for buying one.

So can anyone tell me, honestly, what their reasoning is for buying/wanting to buy an Ipod?