Thursday, August 25, 2005

Welcome home

It’s strange to think that just under a month ago, I was still over 1400km’s away from what I called home, to where I am now. My new home. It’s frightening just how quickly things are moving. I’ve come from a place where I knew where everything was, to place where I have no clue where anything is. It’s a daunting feeling, but I’m learning Cape Town bit-by-bit and it’s taking a lot of patience. Wa quizzes me in the car about roads and areas, and it seems to be helping me to get my bearings in order.

On the job front, things are slow. It gets frustrating when you get no feedback from potential employers. I don’t know if it’s just a Cape Town thing, but these people are really taking their time! I chatted to Nat on MSN the other day and she helped lift my spirits. She calls it “preaching”, I call it “motivation”. You’ll be happy to hear that I have an interview with a law firm tomorrow. Not particularly my cup of tea, based on personal experience, but it’ll do for now. And who knows, maybe this one will be better than the last.