Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Do you think it's weird, if your co-workers auction off left over pieces of chops that they had for lunch to fellow colleagues?

Monday, May 30, 2005

My Jozi's Rhythm

Warren and I have decided to pick our top 12 pictures during my 12-day stay in Cape Town. So feel free to check them out on Flickr.

Friday night took me to Melville with Nicky, Ruaan and Graeme. We had a few drinks at Cool Runnings before taking a drive to Sevende Laan, where we popped into Transky briefly, only to find it looked more like a watering hole for male homosexuals on drugs. Which it probably was. So giving that a miss we headed off to Ratz. After some Tequila and bad conversation with an old school mate, we were off again, this time to Tokyo Star. A weird and trendy, yet cozy club with an arb oriental theme. After a while, we found ourselves watching how people dance. Besides the fact that most of the people were dancing like they were freaking out on drugs, which they probably were. It was interesting to watch everyone’s unique style. Maybe that’s why I like Dance so much. It’s a diverse way of being able to express yourself with movement. I find expression in Art, but also in Dance. Dance tells a story. I think that being able to express yourself with movement is a great thing, and to me, it’s a way of telling people a story about you. Probably, subconsciously, and some, in my opinon, not a very good story, but a story nonetheless.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Should you, or should you not, have to bribe a *true* friend?

Nicky. Lets start with you...

Monday, May 23, 2005

Hooray for Cabaret

CabaretOn Friday Nicky, Tim and I decided to head off to Carnival City Casino to watch the comedy evening at the Supersport Bar. My brother looked like he needed cheering up, we felt bad, and so we tagged him along.

Upon arrival, we stepped into the bar, walked all the way to the back, near a dark room with a purple glow illuminating from behind black curtains. We asked the bouncer outside about the comedy evening and he said that it was twenty rand to get in and there was a Cabaret show on tonight too. Score!

We seated ourselves in a cozy, semi-circular arrangement, so we could all see the stage. We ordered a round of drinks and chatted about one another’s week. After a short while, the lights dimmed, and the announcer introduced the show. Six, good-looking, well built girls came parading out on stage in tiny little outfits while another sang. We all thought this was going to be some really arb dance act, until they came out to do their second dance…

…They fluttered on stage in airy purple pants and pink tops. At that point, the guys thought this was crap and was a waste of time but as soon as they lifted up their arms, we realized this was a semi-porno Cabaret act.

The guys quickly changed their minds.
We were entertained by Cowboys, Mermaids, Devils… you name it!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Imagine that...

So Warry and I were chatting on the phone last night (no surprises there) and briefly dicussed what 'your ideal/dream job' would be. I was curious to know as to what everyone elses ideas of their ideal/dream job would be, 'cause not all of us are as lucky as, let's say, The Wa himself, to be doing something that you love. I, personally, fancy myself as a personal shopper, but that'll never happen. Other than that I think I'd love to do some sort of design whether it be fashion or interior. A wedding planner sounds interesting as well...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Men = Dilemma

Once again I was faced with the milk issue this morning. I just don’t get it.

Okay, so being aware of the fact that ninety percent of the people who read this blog are male, this post is intended to give, us females, insight into the male psyche… and to help my mate.

So here’s the deal: -

A dear friend of mine has been dating a guy for about four months now. They see one another twice a week and call each other twice a day, one being lunchtime the other at night. He is a student studying IT, she a Sales Rep. He is a few months younger than her but she tends to like being a “sugar-mom”.

Recently he went away for the weekend with his mates. She could have gone with him if he had just waited four and a half hours… but he didn’t.

Upon return from the weekend away, she claims: “He’s not the same.”

His music genre has changed from funky, hip-hop, Yfm-style tunes, to “depressing” (as she put it) stuff like, Placebo. His attitude has changed and now he suggests they see a little less of one another. They fight regularly about everything imaginable.

Is he trying to tell her something?

Is this just a phase?

Is he just not that into her?

Another thing, they’re planning on going away for a total of seven days together. She’s paid for the plane tickets (he’s a student). Is it possible that he is staying with her only to get a free vacation and after that dump her and make her feel used?

I think “they say” is the biggest lie of all. “They say” love hurts. As far as I’m concerned, love isn’t supposed to hurt. Love shouldn’t be so complicated. Given that there will be a few bumps in the road… but not to the point where you have to re-mould yourself.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Silly Girl

Okay so it’s Monday… AGAIN.

Woke up late because I Master Reset my phone only to forget that it reset my alarms too.

Silly, silly girl.

I seemed to have made amends with Claire on Saturday night at Pamela’s braai. It felt awkward seeing her again (It’s amazing what alcohol can do). She had balls coming there on Saturday, I’ll give her that. I guess she realized she screwed herself over. I remember in one of our arguments she told me I was going to be alone because no one would want to be friends with me after what had happened. Needless to say I told her off, with colourful language, and in the end, Karma took a detour.
Turns out she’s actually alone. Her parents have emigrated to Tanzania, her sister to the UK. Her best friend is staying with her out of pity and the rest of her (tiny) circle of friends have ditched her saying her attitude sucks and she needs to get a reality check.

So who’s laughing now? ...Silly girl.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Chicago Bulls

LOL...I found this picture during one of my Google Image searches, had to laugh. Only in america...

Chicago Bulls

I love everthing I am (and everything I'm not)

I am an individualist. A non-conformist. I am open, honest and truthful. I am monogamous. I am an artist. I am a believer in God and the supernatural but I am not religious. I am a bitch when I have PMS that I cannot control. I am a dancer with bad ankles. I am a lover of peanut butter, ice cream and junk food and have never been on a diet because even though I know that I am not perfect, I think I look good. I am young, brave and daring. I love playing Tekken 3 on my Playstation and am proud to say that I EARNED over 7 million credits in Gran Turismo 2, purely by winning races. I am a fan of English Premiership soccer but I hate the sport locally. I love playing music at full volume when I’m home alone so that I give my neighbours a run for their money. I love dipping my French fries in ice cream because it tastes like waffles. I am a sensitive soul but I have built walls so that people wouldn’t think I am. I kicked ass at Mortal Kombat 3 on Sega, so much that no one would challenge me because they knew they would lose. I love stationery because it is the medium to all I do. I love black and white photos more than those with colour. I love warm clean (coarse) towels. I love watching (good) ads on T.V. I am the only girl I know who plays Magic: The Gathering. I like drinking Amstel. I can read, write and understand music, yet I cannot play before an audience. I stand up for my beliefs and for those who are important to me. I am not anorexic or obese, so leave me alone if I pick up or lose a kilo or two. I am not a smoker and proud of it. I am not a virgin and I am not a slut. I am a winner. I have hopes and dreams. I am a believer that some day I will make a success of myself and all those who said I wouldn’t make it will be eating their words.
I am a woman.
I am me.

Monday, May 09, 2005

New Blog

okay so I've created a new blog.

Why? I hear your enquiring mind ask.

I don't know.

I guess I figured there is always something that you'll always love. I, personally, am a scent-orientated person. I really like the smell of nice things. It triggers my memory and conjures up different images, ideas, emotions and thoughts. Like pastels for example, I love the smell of oil pastels. It reminds me of primary school and how simple life was then.

so if you have anything that is happiness for you... feel free to share them.

Blue Monday

Okay, so I've had a pretty emotionally stressful weekend, but lets just hope this next week proves a little less stressful and a little more fruitful.

Otherwise, I had a yummy lunch today. A Toasted BFA sandwich (on brown bread) and then I had some cream spinach. A bit of a weird concoction, I know.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Okay, so I’ve complained about this before.

Here’s the background: -

We, at work, drink long life milk. So, naturally, every now and again, the milk WILL get finished and it is assumed, that the person who finished the last bit of milk, will replace the empty carton with a new, full one.

So, can someone please tell me, why there are people out there, who leave a milliliter or two of milk in the carton, so that when I decide to make myself a cup of coffee, I have to use milk that’s at room temperature?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Once again I’m sick as a dog. I seem to have contracted the flu for a second time this year. Lucky me. But I think I have Lusitoland to blame for that. I decided to go to the Porra Festival on Sunday, where it was freezing, but after a few Caparinhas – Portuguese Style - you don’t feel the cold.

I stumbled upon a stall, selling rip-off T-shirts and found a few for Hello Kitty, aptly named, Goodbye Kitty. At first glance I thought the concept was quite awful, but somehow I fell in love with them. So I bought two