Friday, April 29, 2005

South African Celebs

I’ve come to a conclusion, after listening to a few ads on the radio, that South African Celebs aren’t “bad” enough.

Lets do a comparison shall we: -

US Celebs: Notorious for their drug habits, wild partying behavior, driving around in their flashy Ferrari’s, showing up at red-carpet events half naked.

I read weird articles about how Tommy Lee seduced a Transvestite or how Farrah Fawcett wants to be loved by Anna Nicole Smith.

Then we take a look at our local flavour: -

SA Celebs: The biggest news we get is Lee-Anne Liebenburg having lunch with her boyfriend Danny! Scandal! Or how about Patricia Lewis, walking her dogs. Gasp!

Why aren’t SA Celebs as bad ass their US counterparts?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ass Kicking Tots?

I crawled out of bed at about 10:30 AM yesterday morning, made my way to the lounge where my brother was getting his ass kicked in Warcraft. Needless to say the game lasted the whole day, literally. He only got off the damn PC at about 17:30PM that evening.

I decided scrambled eggs on toast was the order of the day, with my brother eye-ing me out in the kitchen hinting that he’s hungry. So naturally, being the cool sister I am, I made him four.

After sitting around enjoying my day off, I was doing some channel hopping and ran across The Power Puff Girls. Now since I can remember, I’ve been a fan of the show along with others from Cartoon Network (I even like the Power Puff Girl’s heart-shaped chips). The thing that irked me the most was the fact that it’s supposed to be a kiddie’s show, and yet there were flashes of stylized comic characters in black and white.

Now if my knowledge serves me well, it looked like Anime. Now Anime is a style of comic / illustration of Japanese origin and if I’m not mistaken, Anime became popular around the 1980’s in America. Some of these Anime videos were altered to American standards or not shown at all due to the large amount of violence (and some contain pornography – mainly the OAV’s – I think).

Besides the fact, that The Power Puff Girls are three kindergarten kids who have super flying powers and lasers from their eyes, that show looks pretty violent for kids.
But I guess it was Freedom Day after all yesterday, so I suppose I could let it slide.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Finding (a different type of) Nemo.

I’m sure sometime in your life you’ve wondered if there really is that one special person out there, who’s designed in almost the same way you are. The person who shares the same views on life as you do, same or similar goals, interests.

Based on personal experience with men, I found that I had dated men who all had the same thing, or similar things in common with one another. It’s like a pattern that repeated its self, and yet every time I found a new boyfriend, it wouldn’t last. Just like the previous one, it almost became predictable. I noticed that all of those I had dated previously, resembled some what of the image I had conjured up in my head, of what my ideal guy might look like. I was basing my “ideal guy” on looks first, and then trying to work around his personality. I think I was going for what he looked like first so that I could identify him when I saw him, and each time hoping he had a personality to match. Each time I did this, I proved myself wrong.

I started wondering if there really was such a thing as a Soul Mate and whether Soul Mates could also be those of the same gender.

Were Soul Mates just a story for those without love to make them feel better? Saying that there really is someone out there for them, they just needed to be patient.

Between me, and my best friend at the time, we had concluded that we were one another’s Soul Mates. But when I look back at that, I think we were both just in denial about our situation with men. I do, however, believe that Soul Mates can be those of the same gender, I also do believe that some people are lucky enough to not be limited to one such thing.

So how do you know when you’ve finally found your Nemo?

I think I’ve found my Nemo. After searching for someone who sees the world from the same point of view as I do, shares similar, if not, the same things I do, enjoys my company and doesn’t mind if I want to hold the remote control once in a while. I think I’ve finally found what I have been looking for, and it turns out that he was somewhere I wasn’t looking. He caught me by surprise and totally blew me away. He makes me feel incredible inside and makes me feel the way I’ve always wanted to feel.

All I can say is that when you finally meet that someone, you'll know then and there, if they're a keeper.